3 Copywriting Secrets That Sell

Strong copywriting can make your business a lot of money. It can sell your products and services, and demonstrate why you’re a better option than your competitors. If you’re a business owner, you may find it easy to write about your business. But how can you do so in a way that convinces customers to buy?

DATE 17 August 2016
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Copywriting techniques that convert

Focus on the USP – this acronym stands for Unique Selling Point. In other words, what makes your business unique? Why should customers choose you? Far too often many businesses’ don’t differentiate themselves enough from their competitors, and end up sounding the same. For example, a common phrase used by SMBs is “we offer the best customer service”. This is good, but how exactly is your customer service the best? If you want to stand out, you need to dig deeper and share with your customer what is unique about your customer service. For example, do you have specialized knowledge of your product validated by a certification? Do you offer phone support in 5 minutes or less? Do customers have direct access to your CEO or Vice President via phone or email? While some may think these are just details, the truth is customers care about details. Describing them goes a long way to showing customers why they should choose you over a competitor.

Speak to emotions – a moving speech can get you excited, spurring you to action. The sound of laughter can make you smile. Hearing a person mourn the death of a loved one can move you to tears. In these 3 instances, what comes first? The emotional reaction or the logical one? You probably didn’t logically choose to smile, cry or get excited in any of the above scenarios. Instead, the emotional reaction came almost instantly. And in sales, there’s no difference. Speak to the prospects emotions to spur them into action, and they’ll justify the purchase logically later.

Sell the dream – what would you rather buy: a paintbrush? Or a tool that gives you the power to paint beautiful works of art that can be admired by millions, featured in museums, and make you rich and famous? We thought you’d choose the latter too. People care less about the actual tool they buy, and more about what that tool enables them to become. They want to live the dream, so make sure that’s what you sell them. Of course, don’t forget to talk about the features and how the product makes that dream possible. If you forget, you’ll appear less credible to the prospect.

While there are many copywriting techniques, these are 3 of the most powerful ones you can use to close sales. At Asia Media Studio, we understand the importance of copywriting when it comes to building your website. That’s why we offer copywriting as an add-on to our Website Design & Development and Brochure Design services. By doing this, we give our clients a headache-free, turnkey solution to their marketing needs.

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