4 benefits of outsourcing graphic design to Thailand

You want to save money. What business owner doesn’t? Lower costs equals higher profits and more business growth. This is what most business owners aspire for and is the reason why you’ve probably experimented with outsourcing graphic design and other creative tasks. By doing so, you’ll save money on employment taxes and payroll, and can hire a freelancer only when necessary. Better yet, you can use platforms like Upwork or Guru and get creative services for bargain basement prices. But if only the path to riches was this easy...

DATE 6 March 2017

Some of your freelancers are unreliable and the quality of their work can be lacking. What’s more, you’ve wasted so much time searching for quality outsourcers that you wonder if it’s worth the effort. Frustration has set in. You feel like giving up on outsourcing altogether.

Is there a way to get quality outsourced graphic design?

Absolutely. And it all starts with finding a reputable agency in a region where the cost of living is much more affordable than your home country. If you’re in Singapore, the United States, Germany, England or other wealthy country, outsourcing your graphic design to an agency based in Thailand or Southeast Asia can have numerous benefits.
While most SE Asian countries can offer you lower costs, there are a few unique benefits that make Thailand ideal for outsourcing graphic design. Let’s take a closer look at all of these benefits, both obvious and less known.

4 reasons to outsource to Thailand

1.Save money – for most, this is the first benefit that comes to mind. And who can blame you? You’ll save substantially on costs when outsourcing to Thailand. Obviously, the cost of living and doing business here is much more affordable than in most western countries, and we pass this savings onto you.

2.Talented designers – talk to any Thai business owner who deals in graphic design, and they’ll surely confirm the country’s best kept secret: Thailand has some of the best graphic designers in all of Asia. Even when it comes to freelancers here, they may disappoint you in their unreliability, but they’ll almost never disappoint you in quality.

3.Overnight delivery – for US or Canadian based clients, Thailand and other SE Asian countries have a unique benefit: assign a project at the end of your work day, and receive the completed work the next morning. The reason is the roughly 12 hour time difference between the regions. While North Americans sleep, Thais are at the office getting work done. Bear in mind, “overnight delivery” is not possible for all projects. But if you have something small like a logo animation, it can surely be completed while you’re catching some Zzzzz’s.

4.Western mindset – Thailand is no stranger to western culture. Foreigners have been visiting the Land of Smiles and doing business in the country for well over a hundred years. Because of this, Thai people are quite familiar with the culture, business practices and design styles that appeal to western customers. While of course there are cultural differences, most Thais will have no problem designing a logo or brochure that is appealing to your western clients.

As for Asia Media Studio, we can provide you all these benefits and more. As our 9-year-old company is headed by a European gentleman from Belgium, we guarantee your design will have a western look and feel. In fact, we offer you everything you’d expect from your local design agency in Singapore, London, New York or wherever you are—but at a lower price. What more can you ask for?

If you’d like reliable, quality graphic design at a better price, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can have it all. Shoot us an email today at