4 Devastating consequences of a plagiarized logo

When you order a logo, you assume it’s unique. Why wouldn’t you? You paid for it. It should be original. And besides, plagiarism is associated with writing, not logos, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s just wishful thinking. Logos are plagiarized every day.

DATE 28 April 2017
INTERESTS Branding, Logo,

While that news may come as a surprise, there’s actually a probable cause: the boom of freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr (where businesses can get low-priced creative services from people all across the globe).


Many of these freelance platforms are not regulated. In other words, the people who operate the platform don’t quality check the work to ensure it’s not plagiarized. That burden rests solely on the buyer—which means there’s no guarantee your new logo isn’t copied.

Unfortunately, more often times than not, it probably is.
With a budget sometimes as low as $5, the seller needs to work extremely fast to produce it. Think they’ll bother verifying if the logo is copied? Probably not. In fact, they may even be using a template to save time creating it.

When businesses order services from these platforms, they generally don’t think of the long term effects. If the logo turns out to be plagiarized, the consequences can be serious.

Here’s a look at 4 you should be aware of

  1. Legal Trouble – whether you use it unwittingly or not, you can get sued for representing your business with a plagiarized logo.
  2. Damaged reputation – would you take a business seriously if you found out their logo was plagiarized? We wouldn’t. A plagiarized logo not only makes you look like a joke, it also diminishes your unique appeal and damages your credibility.
  3. Wasted money on printed materials – if you find out your logo is plagiarized after you print a 1,000 brochures, you’ll have to get rid of them. That adds up to a lot of wasted money in time and prints.
  4. Trademark issues – if your logo is plagiarized or too similar to a business who owns the trademark, you will not be able to trademark your logo. This can result in a huge financial loss and wasted time—as it did for a colleague of ours who had to rebrand his whole business because his logo was plagiarized. To ensure this doesn’t happen to our clients, Asia Media works closely with the intellectual property firm Ananda IP.

  1. The benefits of logo design by a reputable agency

    A reputable agency will not leave the risk of plagiarism to chance. For example, we at Asia Media Studio guarantee your logo is 100% unique. We don’t copy anything.
    Additionally, when you work with an agency, you know their location. With freelancers (especially those who work solely online) you can’t always say the same, or rely on them to be there in an emergency.
    At Asia Media Studio, if you ever have a problem, you’re welcome to give us a call or swing by our office to talk. You know where we are, and we aren’t going anywhere.
    The steps we take to create your unique logo

    Asia Media Studio uses the following 3 step process to ensure your logo is 100% original.
    Research – we perform research to see which logos are being used in your home country and in countries across the globe. Via keyword research and reverse image search tools, we’re able to see if other businesses are using the designs we create for your logo.
    Experience – Asia Media has been in operation for 9 years, and the Managing Director Laurent Couche has been in the graphic design business even longer. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of logos since our doors opened. We know what’s out there and won’t create anything similar.
    Employees sign a plagiarism contract – every employee at AMS has signed a plagiarism contract agreeing they will not plagiarize logos. We take plagiarism seriously, and we expect our staff to do the same.  
    Working with a reputable agency to design your logo is like having a good insurance policy—you know you’re getting a quality product. And if something ever goes wrong, your provider is just a phone call away. A freelancer can’t always offer the same.  
    So if you’re thinking about a logo for your business, take advantage of the peace of mind AMS offers. Shoot us a message at Let’s talk today.