6 graphic design trends to watch out for in 2017

2016 is in the books. While bright colors, retro designs and minimalistic logos were popular this past year, you may be wondering what lies ahead for 2017? Well, we’re glad you asked...

At Asia Media Studio, we follow the latest trends to provide our customers the best, most current designs possible. So without further ado, here’s our expert opinion on the design trends likely to make a splash in 2017.

DATE 9 January 2017

1. Living photos – Photos are beginning to move, have you noticed? Near the end of last year, we saw the rise of the living photos trend. Now, “What are living photos?” you ask. They’re simply a single image with one minor movement. For example, snow could be falling or a river could be flowing in an otherwise still photo. These images, which usually come in the form of GIF files are both eye-catching and surprising. And for marketers, this offers a unique way to capture consumers’ attention.

2. Content emphasis – Less is more. While this approach to design has been slowly creeping into the mainstream over the past decade, it will become even more prominent in 2017. Specifically, there will be more of an emphasis on content in web design. Content is, of course, the real reason people visit a website in the first place, right? Internet surfers want the meat and potatoes—the content. And designers are more likely to give it to them in 2017.

3.Hand drawn images – Is there anything more unique than a drawing? Is there anything more personal? These are two of the biggest reasons why hand drawn images are becoming increasing popular. They are unique and personal: two of the most important qualities for capturing the hearts and minds of prospective customers.

4. Big, bold images and fonts – Images demand attention. And the more stunning and beautiful they are, the harder it is to ignore them. For this reason, more and more websites, ads and brochures are using big, beautiful images that captivate viewers and radiate professionalism. To complement these images, short copy in bold fonts are added to make the information easily digestible. This trend is likely to become ever more popular as attention spans continue to shrink in this digital age.

5. Product focused branding – People want real. As marketing speak, processed products and fake news become bigger turnoffs, truth is becoming the preferred way to communicate with consumers. This trend is no more apparent than in product packaging. Transparent bottles, die-cut windows and clear packaging are becoming more common. Consumers want to see what they’re buying, and businesses are responding.

6.Chaotic design – Perhaps the antithesis to the “less is more” trend, comes the irregular grid—or chaotic design. Pinterest has been using this style for what may seem like ages, and now a growing number of websites are jumping on the bandwagon. While this may seem odd to those who favor a simple, minimalistic design, the appeal of irregular grid is thanks mostly to its loose, alternative style. It defies convention, and therefore keeps people engaged with its fresh approach. Of course, chaotic design has its limits. If you break your layout into too many grids, it can easily become a jumbled mess, confusing viewers.

As graphic design continues to evolve, Asia Media is always following the latest trends. Our mission is to provide customers the most up-to-date, visual appealing design for their project. And we’re happy to offer you our decades of expertise.