A Key to Success

When you select your website design agency you will expect to receive an objective-driven, creative and eye-catching design. Also, great photography and illustrations, well presented, readable copy and state of the art “back-office” technology including full responsiveness for all devices, and speedy navigation.

DATE 22 August 2015
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

All this will help persuade your potential clientele to work with you….but only if they can find your website! A high rating on Search Engines is critical to being seen, and the most creative, beautiful website in the world won’t achieve this without a bit of help.

A big step forward is through adding keywords that help Google and others understand what your website can offer a prospective customer, and help deliver a better qualified site visitor. Without these keywords it is impossible for a search engine to categorize your website, or highlight it to visitors searching your market sector.

Invariably, a well designed website will have sub categories that relate to the main subject, and by “keywording” each of these the search engine is able to identify your business more easily, and allow visitors to find you. For example, Asia Media is a Graphic Design agency, with sub categories such as “Logo Design”, “Brochure Design”, “Website Design & Development” and so on.

Keywords need to be included in 6 places for each website page; this will maximize the opportunity
for the search engine to identify and rank your business:

1&2: Page Title & Meta Description – These are the words that appear on a search engine
page, as this example shows
3. Header – main caption on every page (e.g. “Logo Design”)
4. Sub Header (e.g. “Branding & Logo Design in Bangkok, Thailand”)
5. Body Paragraph – the key words should be included in the opening paragraph
6. Image Alt Tags – images add greatly to a website’s appeal, but search engines will only recognize these if an image label is applied, as this example shows

Asia Media Studio is always happy to assist you in identifying keywords and ensuring these are clear and identifiable by the search engines. We also have Thai and English copywriters who are adept at providing “search-engine optimized” content. For more information about the agency please visit our website at or contact us at