AAPTIP - Logo Design for a Vital Asian Program

Through its agency AUSAID, the Australian Government has worked hard and effectively for many years to improve the lives of millions of people in developing countries, and in particular countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

DATE 22 August 2013
INTERESTS Logo Design, Branding,

Its newest initiative is The Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons (AAPTIP) that will provide support to the ASEAN community and individual partner countries – Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand – in countering cross-border people trafficking.

Asia Media Studio was selected from a number of leading graphic design agencies to create the logo and design the stationery for this new and prestigious enterprise.

We created a strong single color logo using a bold impactful font that incorporates a “helping hand” motif to symbolize the key objectives of AAPTIP. We were delighted when this was unanimously accepted by the member organizations, and this then allowed us to move on and develop the stationery requirements.

As must be expected when dealing with any government agency, very strict guidelines applied to the logo usage and we worked closely with the liaison team to develop the “Corporate Identity Guidelines” manual for both the AAPTIP logo and the accompanying stationery. This determines exactly where and how the logo can be used and gives precise measurements, including minimum sizes, pantone references and file usage instructions.

This was a demanding, yet highly rewarding project and we are proud to have been successfully associated with this major and vital initiative.