Adapting Designs for Thailand

Anyone who uses non-verbal communication on mobile phone, tablet or computer (pretty much everyone over the age of 6 in Thailand!) will be aware of the the proliferation of stickers - fun add-ons to social media messaging.

DATE 10 May 2015
INTERESTS Application Design,

The leading proponent in this market is Viber, renowned worldwide for its unique and extensive range of creative, “fun” family characters – LegCat, Violet, DJ and more. Part of its success is through a program of localization – tailoring the characters to specific countries, and events within the country, and Viber’s strategy is to award exclusive rights to one design agency in every region in which it operates.

At Asia Media we have always prided ourselves on our illustrative and character merchandizing design skills and we were very proud to be appointed by Viber for the Thai market. Whilst the characters themselves are those from the Viber portfolio, our brief was to adapt them to suit specific events and occasions in Thailand. Songkran, visits to the beach, eating street food, Loi Kratong, are all opportunities that have been exploited, and, indeed, the 50 sticker launch pack was timed to coincide with this year’s Songkran celebration.

The design process is meticulous. We start by submitting some ideas, Thai events with the emphasis on fun. Once these are approved we move to the sketching stage, with our talented illustrators adapting the characters to these new concepts and gradually working up their ideas for final approval. Only at that stage will we move to the computer and, using the best available Adobe software, complete the designs.

Viber have pronounced itself very happy with the outcome, announcing the new sticker pack through a heavily circulated press release. For our part, we’ve really enjoyed working on this project, delivering new creative solutions within stringent guidelines and constraints.