AMS Brochure Design 2013 | Asia Media Studio


At Asia Media Studio we have, over many years, designed and produced a raft of marketing brochures for many satisfied customers. We firmly believe in creating brochure designs that are impactful, informative and memorable. We also believe that these attributes are best achieved through a combination of graphic design and creative formats, and it is this that, we feel, has led to our sustained success in this field.

So, to celebrate our fifth birthday, and to demonstrate our unique approach, we have designed and produced our very own AMS brochure. We were determined to deliver something that creates excitement, delivers a strong message and would not be consigned to the rubbish bin after a first perusal. We believe that all this has been achieved!

The front cover is very reminiscent, in size and design, of an L.P. record cover (for those who can remember!) and has similar high quality durability and stylish graphics, using a high quality laminate to deliver the elegant finish. A rich, clean background is broken only by the Asia Media logo and our new strap line “Intelligence Made Visible”.

At first sight it seems that the brochure is in a book format, the cover containing a number of standard pages. However, it is upon opening that the real creative surprise occurs. The brochure content is just one page that springs out from the inside cover – almost like a jack-in-the-box – to occupy a space almost twice that of the cover. Carefully machined, but with the folding completed by hand, the page automatically folds in on itself upon closing.

This design involved a great deal of pre-production trial and error, with the concept tested on smaller paper sizes, working up to the final version; at AMS we are now “origami” experts! And paper thickness had to be just right – thin enough to facilitate easy folding, thick enough to not tear and to enhance the overall high quality “look and feel”.

The brochure content itself cleverly and creatively follows the lines of the folds and paints a picture of AMS and its design activities, with high quality visual examples of its work. Copy is easy to read and flows through the page effortlessly. As a final touch, at the bottom of the page is space to insert a business card, using accurately positioned nicks in the paper.

The unique size and shape of the brochure led to the creation of a special envelope which matches the colours and design of the brochure’s outer cover.

Apart from the hand folding, the internal pages were hand-glued into the laminated outer covers. The labor-intensive nature of the production did, of course, add to the final cost, but the relatively low overheads in Thailand made it an affordable project. We believe this brochure demonstrates our ability to deliver top quality international creativity and production but at Asian prices.

If you want to know more about our brochure design and production capabilities, or just want to have a chat, contact Creative Director Laurent Couche at laurent@asiamediastudio.com