The AMS Route To Great Designs


Asia Media Studio has been creating successful designs for over six years – over 100 clients from across the globe, for many, a number of projects. This success is built on our professional and detailed approach to each and every brief, small or large.

The agency founders are essentially “business” people and we apply fundamental business principles to all our work. The output – brand names, logos, packaging, brochures, websites – may vary considerably. The input, our working process, doesn’t.

Our start point is building up an understanding of the client’s business and objectives – his market, the competition, his aspirations. The internet, obviously, but time also spent in retail outlets and talking to the client and his people. For a naming exercise, for example, we will trawl the globe to list competitive names, a packaging brief will find us acquiring packs redolent of the industry. Not to copy – never to copy – but to help us understand industry norms, constraints, strengths and weaknesses.

From there we take to pen and a blank sheet of paper. We pride ourselves on producing totally original illustrations, and we use this early stage in the process to sketch out a number of ideas. These will be discussed internally, with other designers and with our marketing people. The best concepts will then be developed using high quality, state of the art software programs to a point where a number reach the stage at which we feel happy to present to the client.

Client feedback is important to us and we always welcome input at all stages. We will amend and update designs from the feedback and continue to move the designs along until all parties are completely satisfied with the outcome.

All our work is carried out in-house. We produce top quality artwork and can, where appropriate and if required, provide project management for all printing requirements, using highly efficient and cost-effective print companies. Photography, copywriting, website, app and software development services are also available, all provided by specialist in-house personnel.

We believe we can meet just about any design brief with flair and creativity, on time and within budget. We have a growing, satisfied, client base to testify to this.