AMS + SSA = Quality Webs & Apps

A few months ago we were pleased to announce that Asia Media has formalized a partnership with SmartSoftAsia, a leading developer of mobile Apps, based in Bangkok. This partnership allows us to offer a complete Digital Marketing design and development service that has already proved very beneficial to clients wishing to enjoy the advantages of working with one agency for their website design and mobile App design and development.

To bring us even closer together, we have now brought both design teams under one roof at the AMS office in downtown Bangkok. Not only does this mean that our clients need only visit one location for meetings and progress reports, but communication between the two teams has improved still further. Ideas are now bandied around and discussed across the two disciplines and we are excited about the future benefits that this proximity will bring.

Both teams are enjoying having new people, with new ideas, around them and are now able to appreciate the constraints, limitations and boundaries that exist in the respective design disciplines. This can only improve the efficiency, quality and consistency of the output, to everyone’s advantage.

If you want to know more about AMS and SSA, feel free to visit our websites at: