Aquamin is the brand name for a range of supplements that incorporates a unique marine multi-mineral complex containing bio-active calcium, magnesium and numerous other minerals. Derived from 100% seaweed, which absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater, Aquamin is a mineral rich product that is neutral tasting, free of chalky texture and easily absorbed by the human body.

DATE 20 December 2014
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

Brand owner, Irish company Marigot Ltd. has created three consumer categories – “Food & Beverage”, “Health & Beauty’ and “Science”, and within each category there is a range of products that provide distinct health benefits. For the company’s website, Asia Media Studio was specifically tasked to explain in a simple and “easy on the eye” manner, the nature of the Aquamin supplement, its health benefits and its usage.

Our approach was to make use of clean white space, linked to high quality visual imagery to convey the product’s origins and usages. We have also deliberately constructed two menu bars one of which focuses purely on the three product categories. By simply hovering the mouse pointer over the menu descriptors, the screen changes to show the products within each category. By clicking on the descriptor full product range details are shown.

Written in WordPress, and fully responsive for any computer and mobile device, the website uses the most effective technology currently available to allow amendments and changes to be made easily and quickly by the company itself, without outside assistance.

AMS has worked closely with Marigot on all elements of the Aquamin launch; prior to the website design and development, we produced name cards, a company brochure and back drops, all with a consistent brand message. Mutual respect and understanding have been key to the success of all these projects.