How Asia Media changes the world through visuals, and you can too

Your business. You want it to be something special. Something that stands out. Distinct visuals that showcase your brand can do that. They can help build awareness of your business and get people talking about it, or even sharing it on social media.Over the past few months, we at Asia Media embarked on a campaign of our own to build awareness - but it wasn’t for our brand. Instead, it was to build awareness for World RTS Day, which took place July 3rd of this month.

DATE 13 July 2016

What is RTS?

Rubinstein–Taybi syndrome, otherwise known as RTS is a rare genetic disorder that affects roughly 1 in 300,000 people across the globe. Those who are diagnosed with it often have distinct features (associated with the disorder) such as broad thumbs and big toes, and eye abnormalities such as droopy eyelids or eyes spaced widely apart. Unfortunately, symptoms of RTS go more than skin deep. Those who have it often suffer from learning disabilities, kidney and heart defects, difficulty swallowing and more debilitating symptoms that affect their quality of life.

How Asia Media builds awareness for RTS

Over the past few months, Asia Media Studio designed over 400 images to help spread the word about RTS. Upon request, these images were given for free to those who wanted to add the design to their social media profiles. Much like people changing their profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter to support Breast Cancer Awareness month or the victims of the November terrorist attacks in France, Asia Media aspired to do the same for RTS. Here’s a look at the design we created.

What inspired the design?

One unique characteristic about RTS children is they’re always smiling. And this was the source of inspiration for the tie-dye ribbon, which evokes a sense of happiness and the colorful spirit RTS kids often possess. As for the images of superheroes, these were inspired by a popular quote you may have seen shared on social media.

“Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.”

For those diagnosed with RTS, life is hardest when they’re young. While modern medicine has helped thousands of RTS kids extend their life into adulthood, many spend long periods of their childhood in the hospital while undergoing multiple surgeries. Like superheroes, these children fight the big battles of life and death decades before most of us even think about our own mortality. They are superheroes.

Why Asia Media cares about RTS

Because RTS is so rare, it can be incredibly hard to diagnose – especially if you’re living in a developing country like Thailand. With such few cases in occurrence, many doctors and nurses have little experience recognizing the symptoms. If RTS isn’t recognized early, the child will not only suffer greatly, but also have a higher mortality rate. We at Asia Media Studio don’t want to see anyone watch a loved one suffer needlessly, not knowing the cause of the suffering. Help us spread the word about RTS.

Our effort to build awareness about RTS is just one way Asia Media Studio aims to change the world through images. But whether or not your organization is trying to change the world, visuals can be a game changer when it comes to growing your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help spread the word about RTS, or how visuals can help you connect with customers, call us today at 02 663 5930.