Balung - Organically Pure Herbal Drinks

Nestled in the Borneo rainforest and benefiting from fertile volcanic soil, the Balung River plantation is home to a host of pure organic foods and beverages including the plant leaves from which this Malaysian company produces its range of herbal drinks – Lemongrass, Agarwood and Java.

DATE 3 September 2013
INTERESTS Packaging Design,

All are organically grown and offer a number of health benefits; as well, they are caffeine free and are a great alternative to a traditional cup of tea. Until now these drinks, like all Balung products, have only been available “on-line” at Balung’s website. Such is their popularity, though, that the company has decided to launch them on to the retail market packaged in air-fresh vacuum bags with “Ziploc” seals. Asia Media Studio was asked to develop the packaging design.

We created a design using themes that reinforced the natural, healthy imagery of the product. Both the pack and front are divided horizontally. The bottom half uses a lightly shaded earthy color as the background to the product descriptors and the ingredient, nutritional and content information, allowing these to be clearly read. On the front of the pack we have centralized the company logo, against stunning photographic imagery of each product’s main ingredient source – the trees and flowers – set in their natural environment. For the back we developed a montage of images showing the leaves and ubiquitous cup of tea!

In the development of all food product packaging, attention to detail is critical – food legislation is uncompromising, and the knowledge we have built up over many years helped to ensure we created the right balance between pack legality and aesthetic appeal.

The overall “look and feel” perfectly reflects the company brand’s proposition – natural organic and sustainable farming that produces great tasting, high quality beverages.