Design and Marketing Teamwork

It often seems that marketers and designers are not on the same page, with neither understanding or appreciating the other’s perspective.

The reality is, though, both share a lot in common; a successful marketing person needs to adopt a creative mindset to develop new ideas and concepts, whilst a designer who lacks an appreciation of the role marketing plays is unlikely to be able to create relevant, meaningful designs.

DATE 8 October 2018

Nevertheless, marketers often see design as something that should be bought quickly and as cheaply as possible rather than seeing it as the real investment it is.

To overcome this it is important that the two disciplines find a way to work better together, for mutual benefit and the long term success of the project, by…

Building Trust

In any environment an element of trust is needed for two entities to work together well – and, certainly, this is true when the worlds of design and marketing come together. The key to building a trusting relationship is through dialogue and meetings that establish goals and aims for every project, and identify the individual roles of the two parties.

Consumer Focus

Both design and marketing need to concentrate on the consumer. Marketing need to define the target audience and the design team need to create designs that will work well with that audience. A clear marketing brief and a full understanding by the design team will go along way to ensuring a successful outcome.

An Appreciation of Each Other’s Strengths

When working together both designers and marketers need to recognize each other’s strengths, and acknowledge their differences. Each need to concentrate on what they’re good at, and leave the other to handle their own skills.

There always has, and no doubt always will be, a degree of friction between design and marketing. But, by taking steps to recognize the roles of each party, and by working in tandem, great work will result.

At AMS, we have always endeavored to overlay our creative philosophy with an appreciation of business objectives, and this has been the key to our success. If you are looking for a design agency that listens, feel free to get in touch…