Make your Homepage Work for you

Your website’s key role is to lead your visitors to a point where they take action. The website design gains attention, with it’s content provoking the action.
Your website Homepage, probably the most visited page on your site, is therefore so important because first impressions count.

So, what should be there?

DATE 25 June 2018
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

1. An Instant Draw

Your website needs to instantly communicate your offer – visitors need to be reassured they’re in the right place. A concise, stand-out headline that clearly communicates what you do is the starting point, together with a sub-heading that provides a compelling value proposition to persuade visitors to read on. Bullet points can also help get your message over.   

2. A Call to Action

Seems obvious, but many websites lack a positive “Call Us Now” message, leaving interested site visitors unsure where to go next. A highly visible, appealing call to action will turn visitors into customers, quickly and effectively. Good calls to action should:

– Standout
– Indicate a result (“Check our Prices”)
– Create a sense of urgency (“Buy Now”)
– Focus on the customer
– Be simple and direct
– Highlight the benefits of action

3. Company Introduction

A brief insight that gives visitors a feel for your company is the opportunity to impress and intrigue them, make them continue their voyage of discovery. It is an opportunity to set out your experience, values, methodology and results, to underpin your credibility.

4. An Overview of  Products or Services

Providing a brief snapshot of your products or services in an engaging manner will highlight the breadth of your offering and entice visitors to delve further.

5. Testimonials

It is often said that that nothing helps sell better than a personal recommendation, and customer testimonials have a similar ability to endorse and promote your products or services.

Your website is probably the most important tool in your marketing armory. It makes sense, therefore, to make sure the first point of contact – the Homepage – does its job properly.
At AMS, we have over 10 years of experience in building dynamic, successful websites for clients in a wide variety of industries. If you feel we could help you, please feel free to get in touch – we love to hear from you!