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From your local mom and pop shop to major corporations such as Disney and Coke, it seems like everyone has a blog these days. But many business owners are still skeptical about blogging. Can it really attract new visitors to your website? Will it really help grow your business? Is a blog really worth your time and expense? These are all legitimate questions, especially when you take into account the high failure rate of blogging. Yes, it’s true—many blogs fail. This is why it’s important for new bloggers to understand why a blog fails, as it will help you avoid these pitfalls in your own business.

DATE 25 October 2016
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Why blogs fail
Blogging isn’t easy. You may think you just slap some words together, toss it on your website, and there’s nothing else to it. But when it comes to blogging, the famous quote from Field of Dreams—“if you build it, they will come”—does not apply. Many new bloggers expect a flood of website visitors the moment they launch their blog. But unless you’re a huge corporation or a marketing genius, this will never happen. In fact, misguided expectations (like this) are precisely why many blogs fail before they even start.

The thing is, blogging is all about consistency. That means you need to blog a bare minimum of once a week. Some new bloggers, however, already know they need to blog regularly. So those first few weeks of their blog launch they’ll post a new article once a week, or even more. The problem sets in when three weeks turns to a month and one month turns to two, without even a single blog comment to show for their efforts. At this point the disappointment is too much to bare, and many bloggers will throw in the towel, shouting to the heavens “blogging doesn’t work!”

If the business owner had only known that blogging takes more than a few months to gain results, this story may’ve had a different ending. The fact is, when you post once a week, it will be a minimum of three months before you see any result from your blog. And it could take much, much longer. If the blog is poorly written, is self-absorbed and offers little value to the reader, the chances of your blog ever getting noticed (even after a year of consistent effort) are slim.

So how can your blog succeed?
Blogging is not rocket science. But there are a few key criteria that can help you find success. Here are five tips for a more successful blog.

        ● Post one blog every week for a year – if you’re creating quality content, you’re sure to see results. If you want quicker results, then the solution is simple: post more than once a week. Posting two, three or even five times a week could help your blog get noticed in less than three months.

        ● Provide value – 90% of the time your blog should provide valuable information. If you have an important update about your business you want to share, that’s great—share it. But reserve this type of post for special occasions. People read blogs because they want to learn something. They want to improve themselves or overcome a problem. So that’s what you need to give them.

        ●  Offer a reward in your headline – your headline should communicate to your reader the specific reward they get for reading your blog. Your reader is giving you their valuable time, so let them know why it’s important for them to do so in your headline. Say how you’ll solve one of their problems, educate them, or make their life better. Then in the actual post, give them the goods. In other words, tell them how to achieve the reward in your headline.

        ●  Be unique – it’s sad to say that most blogs are a letdown for readers. Many are like a bad record on repeat—the same content is simply paraphrased over and over again across dozens of blogs on the Internet. In other words, most blogs lack any new information. So try to include a few surprising tips in your blog that no one else is saying. By doing this, your readers will love you, and you’ll have a better shot of transforming them into customers.

        ● Use images – and no, we’re not talking about just the single, standard image you see at the top of almost every blog. Instead, add images throughout the blog posts. This will create a more engaging blog and give your post a high-quality, professional look. What’s more, your blog will stand out from the competition, as most bloggers (even popular ones) don’t do this.

These five tips are sure to help you create a blog that attracts new customers to your business. While we know it’s a lot of work to build a successful blog, the payoff is well worth it. Our blog at Asia Media has helped us gain dozens, if not hundreds of new customers and we’re sure a blog (that follows the above rules) can do the same for you.

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