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Out for dinner in Bangkok one evening, a friend commented to Laurent Couche, Creative Director of leading design agency Asia Media Studios, that the simple pleasures of dining out could, sometimes, be diminished by the behaviour of young children that had become bored with the meal occasion. He suggested that there may be an opportunity in providing some form of inexpensive entertainment to occupy the children, to the benefit of the entire restaurant’s clientele as well as the kids and their parents.

DATE 11 January 2013
INTERESTS Brochure Design,

Laurent realized that this concept had great potential, and not just for the restaurant trade. Low-cost entertainment will succeed in any location where youngsters get bored; think hotel rooms, hospital and dentist reception areas… the list is endless.

And so, Great Books 4 Kids was born.

AMS has designed an 8-page booklet full of games, illustrations for coloring and puzzles that will keep 3-10 year olds amused for up to an hour – plenty of time for parents to finish their meal in peace or to entertain their children in hotel rooms. The convenient size and versatility mean they can be used just about anywhere.

What makes Great Books 4 Kids different from mass produced games books is that they are customized to individual businesses. The games, illustrations and puzzles can be specifically designed to reflect the nature of the client’s business and the booklet can be branded throughout. The booklets are of high quality and will undoubtedly end up back in homes thus further reinforcing the organization’s branding and message. AMS employ gifted and professional designers who work with each and every client to develop tailor-made content and to maximize advertising/branding opportunities.

For the client’s premises, a relaxed and calm ambience will prevail, with contented customers, thus improving repeat visit potential. For the parents, who will love Great Books 4 Kids, there is peace and quiet and the reassurance gained from the booklets’ traditional educational values will, for sure, rekindle memories of their own childhood!

Deliveries are free throughout Bangkok, and to make things as convenient as possible for clients, each order includes packs of coloring pencils, also free of charge.

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