Does your Brand have Character?


Mascots and character merchandizing techniques have stood the test of time, as popular now as a century ago. The ability to immediately add warmth, charm and fun to a brand’s persona through the creation of a cartoon personage has been at the heart of numerous brand building campaigns. Studies have indicated that brand mascots resonate compellingly with customers and often a mascot can be the difference between success and failure, through its ability to deliver high recognition and longevity. (As well, unlike some real-life personalities used for endorsement, a mascot is never drunk, never gets arrested and doesn’t age!)

An obvious route for child-oriented markets (think: McDonalds; Kelloggs Cornflakes), mascots has been equally effective when adopted by service industries such as Insurance and Banking. They undoubtedly have the ability to bring brands to life, introducing a friendlier and more humorous approach, in ways consumers will remember instantly.

Asia Media recognize the opportunities that characters can bring to a brand and our team of designers includes talented illustrators who can take a “bare bones” concept and turn it into a lively, engaging brand endorsement. We combine this flair with meticulous attention to detail, carefully developing the characteristics, expressions, colors and, of course, the names for our mascots to ensure they add value to the brand, will be memorable and eye-catching and will generate positive, warmly reassuring reactions. We have designed mascots for clients in a wide range of industries and always enjoy the challenge to our creativity that each project entails.