Brand Strategy in Bangkok, Thailand

Brand strategies are the recipe to a company’s success, when done correctly they can completely overturn a business. We determine the vision for where we can take your brand, to craft the right messages and image for what you offer and how you are going to broadcast them so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Transform your brand into the best version of itself

Imagine your brand like a diamond in the rough, we’re going to find the winning formula to dust it off and make it sparkle. We create a strong and connecting plan that enables you to respond to changes in your business environment, that will help you leverage obstacles rather than be defeated by them. Depending on your objectives we tailor a bespoke brand strategy and go beyond that so that you not only see through your goals but outshine your competitors and become a leader in your field.

Find your path

Give your brand direction

Using a range of research and analytical techniques our branding agency in Bangkok creates brand strategies that give your brand the vision and mission it needs to go places in the marketplace. We get under your brand’s skin to determine its position in the industry, to understand your audience and market trends that might get in the way of your future success. We fine-tune every aspect of the brand to make sure that all aspects of your business are relevant and up-to-date so you’re not undermining the efficiency of any of your growth efforts. We create how your brand is going to feel, think, talk, look and act, to make sure the right messages are being communicated to your audience so they experience your product or service in the best possible way.
Build and strengthen
your brand’s presence
Our branding agency in Bangkok, Thailand helps businesses develop new brands or review existing brands by giving them the direction they need to overcome obstacles and be on the right path to success whether on a local, national or even international level.

If you are looking for branding, print or digital graphic design services to create exceptional online and offline experiences for your audience.

Essentially it’s your strategy for entering, and then conquering your market segment. It firstly defines your brand identity, your market positioning and the marketing efforts that will target and entice your target audience. It is, fundamentally, the means for building lifetime connections with people, connections that will turn them into loyal customers and, ultimately, sponsors of your products.

Three stages:

Plan: Before commencing your brand building strategies, we carry out research to ensure we have a good grasp of the market, your segment, the competition and the basis of a marketing strategy.

Build: Once we have agreed on a basic plan we begin the process of creating your brand identity logo, color palette, and other visuals. From there we design your website and develop social and other media plans through which you can execute your brand strategy plan.

Execute: Marketing is the fuel for your brand engine and we will analyze and recommend the best options for building your brand.

We understand that few businesses have the budgets of a Nike or McDonalds and that brand building often needs to be done on a tight budget. There are ways, though, that we can help you generate excellent returns for a small investment:

Consistent Social Media Presence: Essentially free to use (or perhaps with a very small financial investment), social media’s ability to reach a large number of people in just a matter of seconds has given new meaning to the information era.

Content Marketing: A constant presence on the Internet will keep you relevant, and once you build a following, it is important to keep the attention of your customers. Videos, photos, blogs are all ways of boosting your presence through new content.

Email Marketing: Virtually everyone has an email address and this is the perfect avenue f to send out information to your customers. Blogs, new product launches, promotions can all be communicated via eye-catching, attractive email marketing.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and the time frame in which a brand can be developed from birth to release can vary, but some experts say a successful brand can take up to 5 years to become established in the market place. The inherent strengths of your brand, uniqueness of product offering, compelling visual identity, and strong marketing plans all help in the process.

Trademarks fall under the broad umbrella of “intellectual property,” along with copyrights and patents and in general apply to logos, symbols, and branding. Some business owners assume that trademarking is just for global brands, but protecting your hard work and your brand identity is just as important for small businesses, and we do recommend you protect your unique identity. Costs vary depending on what you are trademarking but it is not as expensive as you might think, and we can recommend highly professional and trustworthy lawyers to assist in the process.