Brand Development & Naming

in Bangkok, Thailand

Names that are
unique, memorable, fresh

We offer real expertise in developing and executing innovative brand building strategies, creating engaging and clearly distinctive propositions  that are on target and that you can own. And we create powerful, valuable names that enhance your brand equity and will engender recognition, loyalty and trust. Our years of experience, creative acumen and a sound, proven approach to name development ensures we will find you a name to be proud of, a name that inspires and motivates.

The Perfect Fit

Descriptive or evocative, fabricated or geographical, the name we generate will perfectly reflect your objectives and aspirations.

Our name development framework…

  • Market and competitors fully researched
  • Multi-disciplinary brainstorming
  • Short list assessment for legality
  • Domain name availability check


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Protecting your future

Your name carries your hopes and dreams. Make sure it can’t be undermined or infringed - we recommend and can help you seek trademark protection, using professional, reliable Bangkok lawyers.

Dual language adaptation

When a name needs to work in two languages, we make sure that it translates meaningfully, without negativity and that customers of both nationalities receive the same consistent message.

Adding value to your name

A tagline can provide an additional message, and help build confidence and trust in the brand. We are adept at providing powerful, meaningful words that capture the essence of the brand.

If you have a project that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.

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