Logo design

in Bangkok, Thailand

Created with
vision, passion, experience

We will unlock the power, potential and value of your brand by creating a logo and visual identity that will engender clarity, trust and goodwill with your customers. Fully researched, we always ensure our logo designs are original and relevant to your company and marketplace. In our Bangkok studios, we work to a process that will generate only the best results, a process that has proven successful time and time again.

Always unique, distinctive & memorable

We create logos using customized typography and select colors relevant and appropriate to your brand’s personality and its qualities.

Our logo design framework…

  • Three color maximum where possible
  • Easily identifiable even at a distance
  • Maximum of two fonts
  • Consistent across multiple platforms
  • Works well in black & white


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We can help you adapt…

Some organizations require their logo to appear in two languages - often the case in places like Thailand. We always ensure colors and fonts are consistent, impactful and appealing for both scripts.

…and grow

To remain successful, companies need to evolve, and logo evolution is a key part of this process. We understand the need to carefully balance the logo’s existing attributes with the need for change.

Protecting your equity

Your logo is one of your most precious assets. We always ensure it is fully legal using reputable law firms and we recommend that it is trademarked to protect against plagiarizing.

Consistency is paramount

To ensure your brand and visual identity always conforms to your exacting standards we produce guidelines that clearly and accurately outline all logo variables, including color references and font details, for its use on marketing and stationery items.

Owning your brand

You own your logo, something we recognize by releasing to you all artworks after final approval of the logo design. At no extra cost, we will provide these in a number of formats, including Adobe Illustrator (AI), Pdf, Jpg, and Png.

Guaranteed results

We pride ourselves on delivering complete satisfaction, and guarantee as many revisions as are necessary to achieve this.

If you have a project that we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.

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