Bringing Print to Life

In a digital world it is all to easy to overlook the role that printed materials play in marketing communications. But, from simple, yet important, busi- ness cards to glossy brochures and catalogues, print remains alive and well...and, now, new options can make it as exciting and dynamic as its digital counterparts.

DATE 23 February 2018

Any graphic agency you visit will introduce you to industry-wide techniques like embossing, foiling, die cuts and spot varnishes, all designed to en- hance; few, though, are likely to be aware of original and novel technolo- gies that are being developed by the print industry. Here, we look at some of the enhancements available that can make your printed material really stand out from your competitors.

Risograph Printing

Bridging the gap between a conventional photocopier and laser printer, “Riso”, as it’s known, is a simple yet brilliant tool producing high quality prints at a very affordable cost. Very suitable for items like posters and fly- ers it gives a traditional, almost hand-painted, “retro” feel and has real stand-out.

3D Varnishes

By using a varnish, applied in differing levels of thickness, your print mater- ial can take on a 3D look, with elements of the design really leaping off the page. It can yield some outstanding results, with endless possibilities.

White Ink on Colored Paper

This technique has been around for a while with screen-printing, but now it can be achieved on the less time-consuming digital press. Top quality fin- ishes and a modern, chic look will make your materials offer a real point of difference.

Phosphorescent Inks

Really cool for posters and brochure or catalogue covers, the phosphor particles in “glow in the dark” inks, usually printed as a light green color, are capable of absorbing light and then releasing it after a certain time.

Laser Cutting

 Much like die cutting, but far more accurate, laser cutting can be used to create really intricate and detailed designs

“Scratch & Sniff”

Yes, a concept that has been around for years, but, now, one that has been resurrected as a screen-applied finish printed on to a section of a page that, once scratched, releases a fragrant burst of banana or coffee or chocolate…or almost anything.

At Asia Media, we’re really excited by these, and other, possibilities – and we know how to make them work! So next time you’re looking for some- thing different that will give your printed material an edge, feel free to get in touch – we are sure we can help.