How to Build the Foundation of a Brand Your Customers Will Love

For centuries, a brand was used to distinguish where a product came from, or who it belonged to. In the early days, cattle ranchers used this method to indicate which livestock belonged to them. And as decades passed, businesses started to use this same method to distinguish their own products from others. For example, Coca Cola needed to show that their caramel colored, sugary beverage was different from Pepsi, RC Cola (remember that one?) and others.



Today, brand is much more than just a way to help consumers identify who a product belongs to. Instead, savvy marketers have made it into something much more: a personality. To be even clearer, though, brand today is what people think of when they hear your company’s name. And if you want your business to flourish, then you must include some key principles that all of today’s popular brand’s implement. Here are three.
The customer still comes first
Oh, the age-old adage, “the customer always comes first.” This classic saying is just as relevant today as it was 500 years ago. The reason? No customers, no business. This principle, however, does not only apply to the way you treat your customers in business interactions, but also to the product you sell. In other words, is your product something your customers really want? Or is it something you just think is really cool? Hopefully your answer is the former, as your business will inevitably fail if your product isn’t geared toward the customer. Of course, you also need to flatter them with exceptional customer service.
Because let’s face it, if your customers are turned off by doing business with you, they’ll jump ship as soon as they find a similar enough product from a business that also treats them with respect.



Provide value

When it comes to brand, value is key. Value opens your customers’ wallets. It gets people talking about your product, and is the reason why everyone is interested in your business. If your business does not provide value, no one will care about what you’re offering. So ask yourself, how does your brand offer value? What’s in it for your customers? If you’re unsure, think about what problem your product/service is solving for your customers. If your brand can solve a problem that is a huge pain for many people, then you’re on the right track.



Be unique

Ever heard of the term USP? It means “unique selling proposition”. This is what makes your business stand out and distinguishes it from the hundreds of other competitors who may be in your marketplace or niche.



A USP, however, is easier spoken than implemented. Many business owners get caught up in the idea of wanting to offer their products to everyone and therefore try to be too many things to too many people – losing their uniqueness in the process. So when you are tempted to water down your brand and appeal to the masses, remember there are over 7 billion people on this planet. For many business owners, all you need to do is appeal to a couple hundred of them, and you’ll be more than profitable.

These are three core principles that are essential to growing a successful business. At Asia Media Studio, we offer a branding service to help our clients integrate these and other marketing principles into their brand’s foundation. Whether you choose us or another agency to help develop your brand, we highly advise you to consult an expert. Branding is not a do-ityourself job. The success of your business depends on it.

Ready to develop a brand your customers love? Create the foundation your company needs to flourish. Contact us today to learn how.