Building Visual Impact

The concept of merging photographic images together has been with us since the early days of the 20th Century. Now, in the 21st Century, we have computer software programs that seamlessly meld images together to create stunning results. The art and skills in creating photo-montages, though, should not be under-estimated. It is the designer, not the software, who develops the initial concept, by taking existing shots and seeing, in the mind, how these can enhance the overall final presentation through the creation of a montage. Patience and attention to detail are also important attributes - often a “trial and error” approach is adopted, with countless options developed and analyzed until the perfect result is uncovered.

DATE 3 January 2015
INTERESTS Packaging Design,

Asia Media Studio has, on its team, experts in this design function and we have created some outstanding photomontages, primarily for food packaging. Although time-consuming, it often produces a better result, and can be significantly less expensive, than attempting to create the same mouth-watering imagery with a single photo-shoot.

A prime example is the packaging design we have recently created for Lisa Bakery’s range of Cashew Nut Cookies. Each of the four packs features an image that shows the finished product surrounded by its ingredients. Visually impactful, in fact each illustration has been carefully “montaged” from 4 separate photographic images. The product itself was photographed in-house, the surrounding detail created from images purchased from leading image supplier Shutterstock – a practice that guarantees uniqueness and ownership of the image.

Another illustration is the packaging we created for Malaysian tea brand, Balung, where we carefully crafted a montage of the raw ingredients and a pot and cup of tea to deliver a highly appealing and impactful design.

These are just two examples out of a portfolio of dozens – others, shown here, include designs for Yummix Milk Rice, Dole Apple Slices, Fah Sai Coconut Crispy Rolls, Kimmik Diary Spreads and a dried fruit mix under the brand name Asian Exotic Blend.