Cataloging Catalytic Converters


Over the past decade the Bangkok-based Ecotrade Group has built a successful business refining scrap vehicle components – in particular, catalytic converters – and extracting the precious metal content. Rare metals of the Palladium Group – Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium – are all used as part of the process to efficiently reduce noxious vehicle emissions and their recovery is of significant importance at a time when there are serious environmental concerns regarding the mining of these metals.

A key component of Ecotrade’s success has been the company’s willingness to embrace new technology, notably demonstrated by its recent investment in refining equipment to sample the raw materials in a highly cost-effective way – the only such plant in Asia.

This willingness extends to its marketing efforts, and Asia Media Studio has designed and developed a number of websites for the group to reflect its dominant position in countries throughout Asia, Australia and, increasingly, elsewhere in the world.

Most recently we have completed a first for the industry – an on-line catalogue that is probably the most comprehensive recording of catalytic converters in the world, listed by vehicle manufacturer and make. Potential sellers are able to search the database by country, and by vehicle make and model. By registering with Ecotrade, the seller is able to see real time prices, that are updated daily to reflect the fluctuations in market price for the precious Palladium Group Metals. A simple “sell” procedure follows, with Ecotrade providing speedy and efficient processing, collection and payment.

Catalogue features:

  • Covers 30 countries worldwide, with separate data base for each country
  • Includes all main vehicle manufacturers and models
  • Offers real time prices, adjusted daily based on precious metal prices and currency fluctuations
  • Customer creates own basket, any quantity accepted
  • Admin Role Management
  • Fully responsive design for any device
  • Can share the products with social media

The catalogue is now on-line and fully functional, but we will continually be looking to upgrade and improve its features – we are, for example, currently adding newsletter functionality that will allow Ecotrade to promote its services.

Technically challenging and intriguing, the design and development of this catalogue has been an exciting project for AMS, one which we are proud to have successfully completed.