Choosing the Right Colors and Fonts

A strong, successful brand will combine function properties - unique selling proposition, product quality, price point, and the like - with a personality that will encourage consumer recognition and loyalty through its emotional attributes. And, when it comes to the visual identity of the brand, your choice, and consistent application of colors and fonts will play an important role in helping you connect with your customers over time.Your brand is the message carrier to your customers. Make sure your colors and fonts enhance your core values and underlying personality.

DATE 26 December 2017


It has long been recognized that every color draws different emotions and responses that will influence our moods and attitudes. This chart, that we highlighted in a previous article, gives some insight into the emotional reactions to different colors…

COLOR                     EMOTIONS

RED                          Passion, Aggression, Love, Active

BLUE                        Comfort, Calm, Clarity, Trust

YELLOW                   Fresh, Joy, Alive, Energy

GREEN                     Peaceful, Calm, Relaxed, Hope

PURPLE                   Glamour, Romantic, Power

ORANGE                  Enthusiasm, Creative, Determined

BLACK                     Serious, Luxurious, Bold

PINK                        Love, Sweetness, Warmth, Nurtured

BROWN                  Reliability, Dependence, Support

So, on deciding a color mix, give some thought to the tone you want to establish for your brand.


Of course, fonts should always be practical – easily read and distinctive – but, like colors, they can elicit emotional responses too. Some, fo example, are bold and aggressive, others lighter and more playful. Again, your choice will influence the brand’s look and feel and will help elicit the customer response you want. Invariably you will need a number of different fonts – logo, headlines, body copy and so on. Each will play a different role (for example, the headline font draws attention, the body copy font needs to be legible) and all should support and enhance each other.

At AMS, we have successfully helped develop brand identities for clients in a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on creating unique, impactful and memorable identities, using custom fonts and appropriate  color palettes. If you think we can help you, please get in touch