Color Choice in Logo Design

When you see your new logo design, you may initially concentrate on the name font, or, perhaps, the stylish emblem that accompanies it. What you may not at first consider is the selection of the colors; yet they are incredibly influential in determining the appeal of the overall design.

DATE 18 November 2015
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Color is one of the first things that the brain “sees” and it communicates important information, sometimes instinctive (consider bright colors on venomous snakes), sometimes by association – red and green traffic lights, for example. Colors also have different (recognized and measurable) emotional properties that will influence our moods and our attitudes. Generally accepted color associations and emotions are shown in this chart:












Blood, Fire, Intensity

Sea, Sky, Depth, Stability

Sunshine, Energy, Joy

Nature, Earth, Harmony

Royalty, Luxury

Tropics, Sunshine, Happiness

Night, Mystery

Feminine, Children

Mother Earth, Nurturing


Passion, Aggression, Love, Active

Comfort, Calm, Clarity, Trust

Fresh, Joy, Alive, Energy

Peaceful, Calm, Relaxed, Hope

Glamour, Romantic, Power

Enthusiasm, Creative, Determined

Serious, Luxurious, Bold

Love, Sweetness, Warmth, Nurtured

Reliability, Dependence, Support

At Asia Media Studio we have successfully created a plethora of logo designs and we fully appreciate the role that color plays in their impact. Before setting pen to paper we research, in detail, the dynamics of the company’s market place and ensure we have a complete understanding of the client’s brand guidelines, objectives and aspirations. The colors we build into our overall design will reflect these fundamentals, ensuring the logo is uniquely memorable, perfectly enhancing the organization’s image, whilst, at the same time, demonstrating “fit’ within the company’s industry.

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