How to create instant brand recognition

What if your brand could be recognized instantly by thousands of people? What would that do for your business? How would it help it grow? Creating an instantly recognizable image for your company is a key tactic that can promote sales and growth. But how do you go about this? It all starts with determining your key visual.

DATE 1 May 2017
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What is a key visual?

Imagine you’re driving down a city street with your three-year old buckled up in back. You pass the post office, bank and grocery store, and then on the horizon suddenly appears a familiar sign: the golden arches.

Before you know it, your child is screaming for a happy meal. Reluctantly you cave in, and the next thing you know you’re watching your kid slip down a slide into a ball pit, all while you watch from the sidelines with Big Mac in hand. How did this happen?

Well, Mcdonald’s lured you and your child in with their key visual: the golden arches. As soon as your kid saw that, he immediately thought of happy meals, play places, french fries, Mcflurries and all the other good feelings children come to associate Mcdonald’s with. In your child’s mind, there’s no difference between these good feelings and the key visual itself. They are one and the same.
Of course, Mcdonald’s isn’t the only business that uses key visuals. Nike uses the swoop, Disney uses a magical castle and Apple computers uses…well, an apple.

But it’s not just businesses who use key visuals. Think about the Statue of Liberty or Eiffel Tower. What do these landmarks make you think of? Perhaps the Statue of Liberty brings to mind freedom and the “american dream” while the Eiffel Tower instantly makes you think of love and romance.

The point is, key visuals are everywhere. They leave an impression on you, they are unique, they identify a place or a business. And if your brand isn’t using them, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to create a connection with customers and gain their loyalty.

How to create a key visual

When developing a key visual for your brand, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you want your brand to stand for, or represent. To figure this out, brainstorm all the descriptive words that describe how you want people to think and feel about your brand.

So if you want your brand to represent fun, sun and the beach, what kind of visual elements support those words? One option would be to use the image of a beach umbrella in the sand. Or perhaps you want an image that represents loyalty, friendliness and tolerance. Maybe you’d use the image of a dog, as it embodies all of these characteristics.

As you can probably tell, a key visual is essential to creating instant brand recognition. So if you’re unsure as to how to create them, get in touch with our experts at Asia Media Studio today. We specialize in developing key visuals for brands just like yours.