Creative Copywriting

Bangkok graphic design agency Asia Media is justifiably proud of its reputation for high quality creative design work, and has successfully completed projects in branding, logo design, packaging design, brochure design and website design for many satisfied clients, Thai and International, small and large. Part of this success is due to our being able to offer a complete service to our clients, and we can provide many ancillary services, including photography, print production, copywriting and on-line marketing either in-house or through reliable associates.

DATE 5 June 2015

Brochure and website projects form an increasingly higher proportion of our workload and we fully recognize that great graphics and creative layouts are only part of the communication equation. Clear, concise and grammatically correct content is a pre-requisite to a professional, informative and impactful output and we are able offer a high quality copywriting and proof reading service in English, Thai and French languages. For many clients, our copywriting talents have been extended to include writing blogs and articles for inclusion on their websites.

Importantly, our copywriters work closely with the design team to ensure we achieve perfect balance between graphics and words. The copywriter will ensure the mood and tone of the words reflect the design work to optimize the effectiveness of the overall design. Our copywriters all have a strong background in Marketing and Advertising and are fully aware of the needs to achieve consistency with the brand’s positioning.

We have three key writing principles that our “wordsmiths” adhere to:

Copy must inform and be factually correct. The promoting organization has, for a short time, a captivated and targeted audience. It must make the best possible use of this time span, to ensure that the reader is provided with all relevant facts and details in a concise manner.

Copy should generate interest and entertain. Self-explanatory, but often overlooked – too little, and the message will not be communicated, too much and the reader will be turned off.

Copy must be grammatically correct. Copy that contains spelling mistakes and poor grammatical structure is unprofessional and will adversely impact on the reader’s perception of the organization; as part of our service, all our artwork is “spellchecked” before final submission.

We believe that we offer an exceptional copywriting service that will help build a genuine empathy with the audience and will add significantly to the effectiveness of your communication. If our copywriting services are of interest to you or others as SEO or Website Design, please contact us.