Custom Designs and Wordpress in Practice

At Asia Media Studio we have long prided ourselves on our ability to create custom made quality website designs for our clients. We are, as well, fully aware of technological advances in website development, including the need for reliable and ease-of-use “back end” systems and for website “responsiveness” that allows every type of device - smartphone, tablet, PC or desk top - to project the site in an easily read and user-friendly manner.

DATE 22 June 2018
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

WordPress has become one of the biggest and best known computer languages, renowned for its dependability, ease for editing, and responsiveness, It readily allows users to really “own” their own website, to edit content; manage the pages; add new products; manage SEO; post blogs; receive inquiries; create and build image galleries; build reviews; sell on-line.

We have developed an approach whereby we create fully responsive, custom-built designs that are written in HTML language and then converted to WordPress. The result is a highly original and unique website with all the benefits that WordPress brings.

An example, just completed, is the Aquabella website.

Aquabella is a recently launched shower company which has created a unique and completely new concept that vertically integrates all the showering elements and presents an in-line “cool” modern look with the added benefit of saving space.

We were briefed to create a site that was vibrant, clean and impactful, with a “consumer” rather than “trade” appeal to bring fun and excitement to the category. It was important, too, that the website was fully responsive and could be easily and inexpensively edited, as the company develops and launches new products regularly.

This, we believe, has been achieved. The design makes significant use of white space, with clean lines, succinct product descriptions and high quality photographic images. WordPress provides the “back end” user-friendliness and reliability.