Customized Packaging and Brochure Design


Originally an Australian organization, Custom Private Label Groceries now owns a thriving food development and manufacturing operation in Thailand. It produces an extensive range of Sauces, Marinades, Ready Meals, Pasta Sauces, Pastes and Soups that it markets under an in-house generic brand but also offers R&D services and manufacturing facilities for own label production. The diversity and availability of quality ingredients in Thailand together with the country’s comparatively low labor costs mean that the company can deliver high quality foods at very competitive prices.

The product range has, over the last few years, expanded rapidly, and the Custom-label packaging had started to lack cohesion. Consequently, Asia Media Studio was asked to create a new house style for all the product categories, to both modernize the packaging and to bring a new level of recognizable consistency to the range.

The packaging designs we have created have crisp and clear product descriptors, within a common theme across the whole product range and we have used first class photographic images of food recipes and ingredients to enhance the quality “feel” for the packs. Now each individual product line is easily identifiable and the range has its much needed consistency.

In addition, Custom Private Label asked us to design a new brochure that is aimed at promoting the Custom range, but, even more importantly, to make potential clients aware of the company’s Own Label capabilities.

The 20 page brochure we designed provides all the information about the company, its R&D facilities, manufacturing expertise and full range details in a clean, concise manner, featuring ingredient montages, pack shots and manufacturing/distribution images that illustrate the high values and innovative approach that the company brings to the marketplace.

AMS has, over many years, developed strong working relationships with printers in Bangkok, and we are able to offer very competitive rates along with full quality control. Custom Private Label took advantage of this service and we arranged all printing and delivery requirements for the brochure.