Debunking the SEO Myth

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has, for many, acquired a fascinating mystique; we all want it, we’re just not sure how to get there. And, of course, we can’t all be number one!
Some agencies will speak of a need to invest in an on-going campaign of advertising and buying “links” to achieve those elusive top rankings on Google and the like. At AMS, though, we believe that SEO can be achieved through less costly means - time, effort and common sense, for sure, but without heavy investment.

DATE 30 November 2015
INTERESTS Website Design and Development,

Every website owner is told that keywords, product descriptors, meta tags are the key to success – the more you include, the better the recognition by search engines. In fact, nowadays the reverse is true – Google has got wise to this spread of key words and phrases and overuse is now classified as spam. Headings, page titles and keywords undoubtedly will help potential clients identify you, but only if used sensibly.

Linked to this, some website content writers will prepare copy designed for the search engines, rather than the visitor. Our view is to always write for the reader, making sure content is relevant, up to date and interesting. It is this aspect of website design that will get people to stay with you and keep revisiting your page – not a repetitive overuse of key phrases.

Avoid duplication and copying. All search engines are programmed to discount duplicate content as it smacks of spam. So, always make sure your content is original, and varies from page to page, even if the subject is the same or similar.

Finally, search engines love website activity. Featuring new products or services, updating “Our People”, writing regular blogs and articles – all will provide new content that the search engines will respond to favorably. Articles, in particular, work hard for you; at AMS, for example, we publish at least one, and normally two, original blogs every month and we know this helps us maintain our high search engine rankings.

We are always happy to help you with your SEO needs. Our in-house copywriters are experienced and adept at working with our clients on creating descriptors and keywords; we write articles and blogs for several clients on an on-going basis; our content writers are always original and creative; finally, we design and develop all our websites with a Content Management System (WordPress) that, with a little training, allows clients to manage all the content simply and rapidly themselves.

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