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Our mission is to empower and inspire businesses with innovative interactive solutions and experiences for their customers. We believe value is defined through improving a service and designing more effective processes.

Software solutions that craft customer experiences and accelerate growth.

We uncover insights to determine opportunities for unique services and to develop a vision for an experience strategy that will innovate your business offering. We work collaboratively to design brand experiences that speak to your audience and engrain both quality and excellence which they are not able to find anywhere else.

Digital Solutions

Create a positive impact on users’ lives

We solve real-world problems through human centred technological design thinking. We immerse ourselves in your brand and business to engage with your customers, employees and users through metrics, data and persona development. We dig to get an in-depth insight and visualisation of problems that may arise in your digital service and product experiences, to build user journeys and information architectures that will help us visualise how you can complete your users’ goals more efficiently. We turn these ideas into beautiful, functional and intuitive sketches, offering clear roadmaps for the transformative process. We outline the advantages and the value added that will better respond to your customers’ needs and increase the likelihood of retaining them.
Valuable, meaningful
and memorable digital experiences
Long-term we want you to improve conversion rates and drive your revenues, so we have processes put in place that offer the support and technical drive to get there. From the design stages to scalability and implementation we will be with you along the way to make sure that ultimately we enable you to maintain the best practices and standards long after it has launched.

If you are looking for branding, print or digital graphic design services to create exceptional online and offline experiences for your audience.

UI stands for User Interface and is, essentially, the series of screens, pages, and visual elements, including buttons and icons, that enable a person to interact with a product or service.

The UI designers’ role within a design agency has evolved, and nowadays they will not only work on computer interfaces, but also on mobile phones, augmented and virtual reality, and even “invisible” interfaces such as voice, gesture, and light.

As long as digital technology continues to be a part of our daily lives, at AMS we believe there will be a need to make the interfaces as simple and effective as possible for all users, whatever their age, background or level of technical expertise.

User Experience (UX), has evolved out of all the improvements to UI, which have made user interaction the norm. Now that users have something to interact with, these experiences – positive, negative, or neutral change how they feel about those interactions.

UX designers must, therefore, work closely with UI designers, UX researchers, marketers, and product teams to understand who their users are, and what are their desires and goals, through research and experimentation. These insights then form the basis for creating improved experiences that will better meet the needs of the consumer and allow them to achieve their desired outcomes in as seamless way as is possible.

Simply put, Usability Testing is used to determine how easy a website is to use something by testing it with real users.

User Interface Design is important as it leads to fewer problems, increases user involvement, perfects functionality and creates a strong link between users and the website. It is no exaggeration to say it can make or break the relationship between the organization and its customer base.

Essentially it is design that tries to fulfill the users’ needs, by creating positive experiences that keep a user loyal to the product or brand. Clever user experience design will begin by identifying the problem and guiding all ideas to solve that problem.

A wireframe is used by digital design agencies to lay out content and functionality that takes into account user needs and user journeys. They are used in the early stages of website development to establish the basic structure of a page prior to the creation of visual design and content. it is essential in UI design to demonstrate what interface elements will be included on the main pages.

Although a wireframe will not contain finished design elements it will show where various design elements appear on the page. This stage of the process allows you to efficiently check a number of issues, including:

– test and refine page navigation

– see how content will appear on the page

– study and refine user the design of web forms and interactive elements

– evaluate overall effectiveness of the page layout

– determine web development and programming requirements