Photography & Videography in Bangkok, Thailand

Engaging content to ensure business growth

Some things are simply not said as effectively with words but need to be told through a photograph or a video. Unarguable your audience can learn more and be captivated differently by creative and intelligent content than through a few written sentences.

Tell stories that matter to your business

Whether you are looking for a formal company introduction video, short video advertorials, animation or social media content we construct through meticulous script writing and storyboarding your messages into impressive stories or photographs. Providing creative targeted content that intrigues and speaks to your audience.

Visual impacts

Striking content that captivates

We are a one-stop video and photography production service. We provide smart content based on creative support and development that is geared to delivering your message in the format that you require. Committed to improving your brand’s awareness by humanizing it, focusing on its purpose, and providing a relevant message that leaves an impact on your audience. We ensure that you are heard through inspiring and ultimately entertaining content capable of changing perceptions, engaging the audience’s attention, and gaining their trust.
Humanise your brand,
make it relatable.
We are locked and fully loaded with all the latest technologies including drones, DLSR cameras, studio equipment and more. This ensures that we capture photos and videos of the highest quality, that it does justice to your business or to any branding collaterals you have commissioned us to create for you.

If you are looking for branding, print or digital graphic design services to create exceptional online and offline experiences for your audience.

We love videos, and more importantly, Google does too, and now incorporates video results as well as links into their search results. There are, as well, other good reasons for video:

– People consume information in different ways and video is a very viable educational communications tool for providing product information and usage and for training.

  – Creating a corporate video can be an excellent time saver for your audience as it is the most efficient method for delivering a message in a short amount of time. Informational videos also double as brand awareness tools for new viewers who may not know your brand or may only know about a single product.

Videos for website landing pages video blogs, or vlogs for social media are most effective if under 2 minutes. The aim is to quickly capture the viewer’s attention and get them interested in your product or company.

AMS can provide full scriptwriting and creative development services. We will begin by learning all we can about your business and we ask that clients provide us with as much content and information as possible most importantly, of course, the business objectives for the video. From this we can develop a script for your approval before moving to production.

Simply because professional photography ensures the absolute best quality. Top quality equipment together with the experience and attention to detail of the photographer to consider staging, lighting and the subject matter will always give that special, stand out result.

This is always an option and we do this for many clients. It’s cheaper, available for instant download and may be sufficient for the job in hand.

However, it has also been compared with buying a suit of the rack at a department store no matter how good it looks, you know your not the only one wearing it! It is never original as photos are never taken with specific products or ideas in mind. They can also be purchased by anyone, and therefore you never have ownership, cannot use them to develop your brand identity. Yes, you can sometimes buy exclusivity, but this isn’t cheap, and by the time you’ve bought ownership of a set of images you may find it a more expensive option than employing a professional shoot.

Yes we can, and we are extremely proud of our retouching capabilities as well as our ability to create photographic montages that have proved very successful for a number of clients.