East meets west in the cosmetics world

Derma Scent is a dynamic Thai-based organization that produces and distributes innovative Skin Care Products. Until recently, its product range was aimed at professional users – principally spas and salons, and it has earned a burgeoning reputation for innovative skin care products that are designed to maximize therapeutic effects. The company is now planning to widen its customer base through expansion into the retail sector – primarily pharmaceutical, rather than mainstream grocery outlets.

DATE 9 October 2013
INTERESTS Logo Design, Packaging Design, Branding,

To assist with this expansion, and to create a more modern image for Derma Scent, Asia Media Studio were asked to design a new company logo and new packaging designs for the product range. Whilst the need for new graphic design was fundamental to the future growth of the company, it was also important that its traditional attributes, its ability to marry age-old spa and massage traditions with innovative products, were not lost in the process

AMS created a logo design that reflects Derma Scent’s Asian roots, through the stylized hands that represent both a heart and the unique Thai “wai”, a key symbol of the country’s heritage. Balance is achieved with a powerful, yet simple, Western font for the Derma Scent name; a single prime color brings strength and visibility to the logo. Importantly, it retains the “clinical” look that is part of the company’s heritage and fully endorses the authoritative market positioning that Derma Scent has earned.

The first pack designs are for the company’s cosmetic products, a range that offers male and female lines. It was important, therefore, that the graphics differentiated the products by gender, without losing consistency and brand identity. We further endorsed the brand image by duplicating the logo symbol four times to create the pattern of a flower.

Both the new logo and the pack designs have been well received by client and customer alike and we are looking forward to developing new designs for more product ranges in the near future.