Epicurio - New technology in a vintage market

The latest App for the new iPhone 5 is about to come online. Epicurio is the next-generation companion for all wine lovers and aficionados, allowing its users to exchange information, find out where to buy, make recommendations to others, and debate the quality and merits of their favorite tipple.

DATE 19 August 2013
INTERESTS Logo Design, Application Design,

Asia Media Studio was briefed to create the logo, to design all the elements of the App, and to develop the software to make it happen.

We are particularly pleased with the logo we have created. A clean and crisp font in black is supported by a graphic illustration of stylized grapes and grape vine. It is highly distinctive, relevant to the business and totally unique.

The development of an App has certain characteristics similar to the design of websites, but with one very important difference – the size of the viewing area. Whilst iPhone technology improves in leaps and bounds, the screen size will always be a controlling factor, and this makes App graphic design particularly specialized. The usual requirements of a website layout – user-friendly, easy to read, high information content – are more difficult to achieve with a phone App, and this proved particularly challenging to our design team. We believe, though, (as, most importantly, does the client) that we have succeeded in all aspects of the design.

Not only must the App look good but its functionality must also be first class – quick and easy to use and interactive. For this we relied on the talent and experience of our partner SmartSoftAsia, a company that specializes in the technical “back-end” aspects of website and App design. They have developed state of the art solutions and features that will enable the Epicurio App to meet all its objectives.

French owned, and in recognition of that country’s love of wine, Epicurio will initially be launched in France, but will quickly be rolled out across Europe and ultimately the world. AMS is proud to be part of this exciting new venture.