Why Every Designer Should Love The New Instagram Logo

Change is difficult for most of us. We all like routine and familiarity to some extent, so when something disrupts the status quo, it can create shockwaves. Back in May that’s exactly what Instagram did. They reinvented their logo, and the internet went bananas.

DATE 26 July 2016
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“Failure”, “boring”, “unmemorable”, “travesty”

These are just a few words Instagram users across the globe used to express their opinions on the new design. So while it’s true a large portion of Instagram users are unhappy with the new logo, we here at Asia Media Studio think the opposite. Here are two reasons why:

  • Simplicity – in a world full of distraction and busyness, simplicity stands out. The common concept “less is more” has a dramatic effect on images. So when it comes to Instagram’s new logo, you can see just how simple it is: the few white lines that outline the shape of a camera appear over a multi-colored background, creating an eye-catching image that pops – and is far simpler than the old version.
  • Represents the company’s values – whether you’re a small business or a giant corporation, your logo should reflect what your brand is about. The logo needs to communicate your brand as clearly and quickly as possible. And Instagram’s old retro logo, well, it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. When Instagram first started, the retro look made sense as the service was all about using filters to create photos with a vintage feel. Nowadays, Instagram has become so much more than this. From teenagers to artists, parents and business owners, Instagram has become a vibrant, diverse community where people can come to share their stories through images. The new logo communicates this diversity with its emphasis on vibrant colors blending together.

We think most designers will agree the new Instagram logo clearly conveys these two core concepts of logo design. What’s more, we were also thrilled to see this video Instagram posted that demonstrates the design process:

When we design logos for our clients, we do so in much the same way. We start the process by drafting dozens of ideas for your new logo or design. Next, we choose our favorites from the drafting stage, and experiment with different colors and layouts until we come up with several samples. Lastly, we present them to you along with our recommendations of which ones communicate your brand most clearly.

We know as well as anyone that a logo or image has only a few seconds to catch a reader’s attention and make a lasting impression. When we create a logo or design for you, we use our years of industry experience to do just that.

If you’d like to create a logo that makes a more meaningful connection with your customers and creates instant brand recognition, send us a message today at