Good and Bad Feedback

The key to delivering high quality creative executions is open communication between client and designer – at least, that’s what we firmly believe at Asia Media. We know that we won’t get it spot on first time every time, and clear and constructive feedback is integral to a good design. Winston Churchill once said “criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary” and we agree, with the proviso that it is based on

DATE 8 January 2018

1. Trust

We ask our clients to keep an open mind, and appreciate that creative design is a process that might take some revision to get exactly right. Our success, for more than a decade, has been built on trustworthy client relationships – we know we can get the design right – have faith, and a bit of patience!

2. Clear precise communication

“I don’t like it” isn’t very helpful! We accept that businesses and designers can have different perspectives but we need to know where and why elements of the design aren’t working for you.

3. Constructive criticism

After over 10 years in the business we have learnt to handle criticism, so there is no need to beat around the bush. On the other hand, negativity will undermine enthusiasm, confidence and morale.

4. Open-mindedness

The design you’ve been shown might not be what you were expecting, but being open to different options is important. We only submit designs that we believe will work for you – if you’re in doubt, if, maybe, it’s not to your personal taste, then bounce it off a trusted third party, and get a unbiased view. You might be surprised!

In this sort of environment of co-operation, professional mutual respect and trust, we believe that the best designs will emerge, creatively unique, memorable and

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