Graphic Illustration at Work

Throughout the 20th Century illustration was a key weapon in the armory of the graphic designer, bringing originality, warmth and personality to visual imagery. Over the past few years, though, its role has diminished somewhat, as the digital age has delivered advanced photographic and software enhancement techniques that deliver precise accuracy and speedy solutions.

DATE 2 March 2015

Whilst AMS is a skillful exponent of the modern technology, we remain a committed advocate of illustration and we have on our design team highly artistic and meticulous illustrators who have produced some highly original interpretations that have appreciably enhanced our designs for brochures, pack designs and websites.

Illustrations, like photography, help to deliver impact and build awareness, and, even more than great photographic images, will create personality, character and, importantly, total uniqueness. They offer great versatility, and will often communicate in a simple way a message that is difficult to express through other means.

We wholeheartedly believe in the role of illustration, as some examples of our more recent work for satisfied clients will testify.