Guidelines for Consistency

One feature that all great brand names and logo designs share is the consistency of presentation - it is this that, in no small part, delivers recognition, memorability and customer loyalty. In an age when many organizations are operating across broad horizons, often the usage of the visual elements of the brand is handled by numerous diverse divisions - regional offices, partners, franchisees, even suppliers and customers - and this can lead to a dilution of the corporate identity.

DATE 26 March 2015

To guarantee consistency of message and proper use of the visual identity a brand guideline manual will provide, in thorough detail, the requirements to ensure colors, sizes, fonts and layouts for your name, logo, stationery and marketing materials are strictly adhered to.

Asia Media has developed brand guidelines for a number of clients, and we pride ourselves on bringing creativity, thoroughness and professionalism to an exacting process. In-house, we have designers, illustrators and copywriters who use the latest software programs to ensure the final document is accurate, informative and easy to follow.

High quality artwork together with PDF formats, to be owned by the client, are always part of our remit, and, if required, we can arrange top quality printing using highly reliable and efficient printers in Bangkok.


Guidelines – What we Cover


  • Brand Overview
  • Logo
  • White / Clear space
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Layouts / Grids
  • Copywriting Guide
  • POS / Advertising materials
  • Imagery