How we helped grow this business to 3 locations

From Bill Gates to Richard Branson, every multimillion-dollar business owner has relied on experts to grow their organization. Yes, you can grow your business alone. But it will take more time, cause more stress, and exponentially increase the rate of failure. In fact, even Asia Media relies on experts. Our business would not be possible without our team of designers, writers, marketing professionals, admins, and more. We know we can’t do it alone, and many of our clients feel the same way about their businesses. That’s why they contact us to help build their brands and companies.

DATE 28 November 2016
INTERESTS Branding, Social Media Marketing,

How we helped O2 Fitness grow

O2 Fitness is a chain of fitness centers in Bangkok that offers customers a fun, comfortable environment to exercise in. Asia Media has partnered with them since the launch of O2 Fitness at All Seasons Place on Ploenchit Road. How did we help them grow? It all comes down to branding.

From stationery to brand guidelines, website, signage and more, Asia Media Studio designed nearly every aspect of the O2 Fitness brand. By solely partnering with us, we ensured O2 Fitness’s message was consistent across all marketing materials. This consistency has helped them project the welcoming image they’re known for—building trust, loyalty and a thriving business along the way.

Location support

To go along with the branding and marketing materials we designed, AMS also provided location support. This means we played a key role in designing the interior of the O2 Fitness facilities. We created signs, posters and even an inspiration board-all of which can be found inside their gyms.

Why is location support important? Well, because it’s actually a part of branding. If a company wants to create a consistent brand, it’s important the organization projects the same image and feel both in and outside their retail space, gym or other location customers frequent.

Marketing and sales
The next step of brand building is sales, and AMS played a direct role in the development of ads and sales material for O2 Fitness. We created banners for their website, flyers and a backdrop for use in their promotional events, and even the design and copy for a huge billboard of theirs —all of which helped spread the word about their business.

Social media
We all know the importance of social media in today’s business world, which is why we helped develop O2 Fitness’s social media campaign. We designed a template and structure for all their social media posts to follow. Again this is important to build consistency of brand. Without consistency, you risk confusing customers. And a confused customer doesn’t buy they bounce.


As you can see, Asia Media has been with O2 Fitness every step of the way—from their first location to the opening of their third. Our team of world-class designers, writers and marketing experts has guided them on their path to growth, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today.