Intelligence made VERY visible

To further promote Asia Media Studio’s expanding business, we have just completed our very first video. In 90 seconds of active, compelling action we have attempted to give an overview of our business, highlighting the breadth of services - naming and logo design, packaging and brochure design, website design and development - through examples of our work for a wide range of large and not-so-large organizations.

DATE 10 September 2014

This was a really enjoyable project, right from the start. Planning and prepping, agreeing and sourcing the props, organizing the outside footage (in busy, traffic-snarled, downtown Bangkok!) and ensuring we delivered the highest possible production values, was time-consuming – sometimes frustrating – but ultimately great fun.

We have employed top quality camera work, professional lighting, great music and careful, tight editing to ensure the finished item is as good as it possibly could be – and we’re delighted with the result.

We believe that this will add a completely new dimension to our promotional efforts – visual communication works much more effectively than text, it delivers a vast amount of information in a short timescale, and will increase trust and confidence in our business. In short, it makes us “real” and highlights the creativity, dynamism and professionalism that we believe encapsulates the agency’s business philosophy.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!