Why Knowing The Difference Between Brand And Logo Is Crucial For Your Business

For the average person, the difference between brand and logo can be perplexing. You may even think they’re the same thing. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter if you understand the difference, right? Well, not exactly. Logo and brand are actually two distinct aspects of your business. And if you mistake your logo for your brand, your growth could become stagnant. Or even worse, your business may fail altogether. So how do you prevent this? It all starts off with understanding the difference.

DATE 17 September 2016
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The definition of a logo
We’ve all seen logos. Plenty of them sit proudly in the upper left-hand corner of countless business websites. Many are printed on t-shirts, hats, and other apparel. In a nutshell, a logo is the visual identifier of your business. It is a symbol that customers come to associate with your brand. A logo oftentimes represents a brand’s message and position in the market, but it is not the brand itself.

So what is a brand?
A brand is everything that customers associate with your business. And when we say “everything”, we literally mean everything. From the design of your website to the colors and fonts used in your marketing materials, and even to how you communicate with your customers on the phone, your brand makes up everything you do – and is present in every interaction with your customers and the marketplace.

Why is the difference important
It all comes down to consistency in your messaging. If your brand’s message is always changing, if you have no consistent brand voice, if you use random colors throughout your marketing materials, you’re going to confuse your potential customers.

Think about it. When you go to a Burger King for lunch, you know what you’re going to get. But what if one day you showed up, and instead of serving burgers they served tacos? You’d likely be confused. And while maybe you’d forgive them this one time, if it happened again how likely would you return to Burger King? You’d probably wouldn’t. Instead, you’d find a fast food joint where you know you’d get a burger every time you showed up.

Essentially your customers want the same thing from you. They want to know who you are and what they’re going to get when they interact with you. If this changes all the time, whether in your messaging or type of products you sell, they’ll likely get confused and take their business elsewhere. Wouldn’t you?

So remember, your logo is one small aspect of your brand – a graphic design element that comes in the form of a symbol or visual identifier. Your brand, however, is everything that represents your business. Hopefully, you now see why the difference is so important; the fate of your business could depend on it.

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