Licensed to Design

Asia Media’s success in recent years is without doubt a result of the talents and expertise of our designers. We strive to employ only the best by offering competitive salaries, a relaxed and friendly work environment, top quality computers and last, but by no means least, the latest and most effective software. For us, this means Adobe Creative Cloud: widely recognized as the leading cutting edge technology, it embraces all the needs for today’s graphic design business with the most comprehensive toolset available. Its suite includes the fundamentals such as “Photoshop”, “Illustrator” and “Indesign” and a whole raft more, and allows our designers to work effectively and creatively to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

DATE 6 April 2015

As a company we are ethically committed to transparency and honesty in our business and never more so than ensuring we are fully licensed and “legal” in our software management. By becoming a Creative Cloud “member” through our licensing agreement with Adobe, we not only conform to “smart” business practices but also receive a number of benefits that are significant to both us and our clients. For example, members automatically get access to new features and versions before anyone else – perhaps as much as 2 years in advance – such as recent improvements introduced to Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

As business expands, new designers are employed and new computers bought; in this environment it is often easy to overlook the need to modify our license agreements in line with this expansion. We work closely with Adobe management in Singapore to ensure that we are always ahead of the game, both in terms of legality and software updates availability.

Clients who work with Asia media can be confident that our work is of the highest quality, with the best designers using the best software – all legal and above board!

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