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The logo represents the key symbol of a brand or company – it is the image that embodies the organization. It must be easily identifiable and distinctive (particularly from its competition), and it should inspire trust, admiration, loyalty and implied superiority. Whilst it does not play a direct role in the selling process, it acts - as the great designer, Paul Rand once said - as “a flag, a signature, an emblem, a street sign”.

DATE 27 June 2012
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Often, organizations overlook the importance of the logo. Frequently it may consist of no more than the name itself, in a standard font, and in one colour. This approach overlooks the wider role that the design of a logo can play as an important communication device, positively projecting the nature of the company’s business, its philosophy and its competitive advantage. A professional, sympathetic and creative assessment of the logo will bring significant benefits to the organization’s profile.

Asia Media Studio (AMS), the successful Graphic Design agency based in Bangkok, has, for many years, successfully integrated these essential aspects into the design, redesign or up-dating of logos for a wide range of clients, both within Thailand and Internationally.

This success has been built on a defining principle, that a good logo should be “distinctive, appropriate, graphic and simple in form”. AMS follows a set of ground rules when creating a new logo that include: easily readable and instantly recognizable typeface; should look good in black and white; easy to describe; should avoid intricate detail; maximum of 3 colors; look consistent across multiple platforms. A logo that is clear, fresh, distinctive and uncomplicated is the intended outcome.


These principles are particularly important when a client requires a completely new logo – a blank piece of paper. For these projects AMS will develop a complete understanding of the client’s business, its position in the market place, and the nature and status of the competition. Also, an understanding and appreciation of successful existing logos, current styles and trends that may relate to the brief are important, though not just for their own sake. Only once this research is completed will the agency tackle the logo design.


Owned by two gemologists, sons of the founder of the company, SWALA is based in East Africa, close to the mines from which the gems are gathered. AMS created this logo encapsulating the agency’s key tenets of clarity and distinctiveness whilst, through the image of the antelope, embodying the essence of Africa.

The owners of THAIGAS plan to introduce LPG gas stations throughout Thailand, providing its customers with clean, modern and convenient facilities. AMS designed this logo, incorporating a precise, clear font, to ensure recognition at a distance, the flame, to illustrate the company’s business, and red, blue and white coloring, reflecting the company’s Thai heritage.

Often, clients require existing logos to be updated and modernized. In these cases it is important that the current brand recognition and identity is not lost, whilst ensuring that changes made are genuinely positive, bringing greater clarity, thus inspiring higher trust and loyalty. Examples from AMS’ portfolio are:

AMS has professional European and Thai designers on its staff, all with many years of experience in logo design. The agency is proud of its success and confident in its ability to provide the best possible creative requirements for its clientele.

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