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Developed by a European entrepreneur, Yummix is a new and innovative chilled dairy rice and fruit snack product that is offered in a unique two-compartment container. The product combines convenience with great taste and can be enjoyed at any time of the day – a healthy alternative to lunch, an after dinner dessert, or an anytime snack. The product will soon be launched in Thailand where it is believed that the pack and the product itself will prove to be extremely successful (after all, nobody appreciates the nutritional benefits of rice more than Thais!).

DATE 1 April 2013
INTERESTS Logo Design, Packaging Design, Name Development, Branding,

AMS has been involved in the project from its earliest inception and initially was responsible for the name creation and logo design. The name embodies the product’s high taste values as well as the unique product presentation. The logo design aims to impart the fun appeal of a product that can be enjoyed by all the family.

The packaging design presented fascinating challenges. The laminated foil used for the lid is an excellent material to work with and we have been able to achieve, through our in-house photographic facilities, outstanding fruit imagery and clear graphics. The paper wraps used on the container itself are also impactful, especially when viewed on a supermarket shelf, and despite the relatively limited print area available. For any food product, though, there is always a requirement for a significant amount of consumer information – nutritional values, ingredients listing, company address details, shelf life instructions and so forth – and this can often detract from the overall impact.

This is compounded by the need for all information to be presented in both English and Thai. However, close attention to detail allied with careful graphic design has ensured that all the information is available on the packaging without detracting from its strong visual impact. Full approval has now been received from the Food and Drug Administration in Thailand, a procedure that can be both time consuming and complicated, and we are now in the process of discussing material and printing options with suppliers in Thailand.

The product will be presented to key personnel in the retail trade in the near future, and to support this we are now designing Point of Sale material for in-store use. The chilled cabinet in most retail outlets is a busy, diverse and segmented area of the store; creating POS that will stand out and inform, but at the same time not infringe the different retailers’ rules and regulations, is a challenge we are looking forward to.

We have also completed a PowerPoint presentation that will be used for the retailer meetings, and will, as well, be responsible for website design and development.

This project demonstrates the wide range of creative skills available through AMS, together with our professionalism and thorough attention to detail. If you would like to talk to us about this assignment, or any other aspects of our work, please feel free to contact us.