A Logo in Progress

Australian-owned and part of a Hong Kong-based group of companies, Barbarian Oil  is a new player in the diesel refinement market.

Asked to create a new logo design for the brand, Asia Media is particularly proud of the outcome – an outcome that, for us, began with a blank piece of paper...

DATE 3 June 2014
INTERESTS Logo Design, Logo Evolution, Branding,

…or, rather, it starts earlier than that, with a complete review of the market and its key players so that we know the “rules” that apply for that industry, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.

Our objective, always, is to create a logo that is memorable, versatile, timeless, yet appropriate and simple; to achieve this, we create original fonts and symbols in combination with colors – normally no more than two. (Often, though not in this instance, we will be asked to consider a fourth element – the creation of a tagline.)

With the Barbarian Oil logo, strength, assurance and trust were the attributes we aspired to visualize and from an early stage of our work we felt that these would best be achieved through a font using capital letters in a bold format. As this line of thought developed we moved through a number of stages, adding a slightly forward-looking slant, and an “Arabic” look. We also created an oil droplet within the letter “O” to provide a visual industry recognition, and a uniqueness to the logo.

Our symbol started out as a flame devise, reflecting the industry, and whilst this remained throughout the development process it became more stylized and the final version incorporates further brand enhancement through the letter “B” within it.

We worked through a number of color combinations, but could not, in the end, get away from the strength, power and industry-relevance of black, supported with an impactful primary red. These two colors combine perfectly to deliver impact and stand-out.

We believe, as does the client, that this new Barbarian Oil logo is all that a logo should be – distinctive, unique and capable of building trust over time. In a competitive market we have been able to create a fine balance between originality and industry recognition that will assist the company in its long term development.