Logo Styles to Suit

“Your logo should be appropriate to your business; original; memorable; ideally uncomplicated in its form. Over time it gains meaning and power, it will become the means by which people recognize you and will help differentiate you from your competitors, in the way that you want.”

DATE 13 July 2015
INTERESTS Logo Design,

That, in our view, makes it pretty important to your business and its design of great significance.
Our aim, at Asia Media Studio, is to provide you with a logo design that delivers on all criteria and is ideally suited for your company or brand. The nature and style of the design will be determined by agreed objectives, and will fall into one of five industry-recognized categories:

  1. “WORDMARK” – over one-third of logos consist simply of text, often stylized, using a unique font. Ideal for businesses with a distinctive name and for smaller, start-up organizations, well designed Wordmark logos are highly effective and easily memorized.
  2. “LETTERMARK” – a similar approach to Wordmark, but using only the initials of the name. Ideal for companies with a long name and where space is at a premium. Simplicity is key, though, of course, recognition may take time and investment.
  3. “BRANDMARK” – using a symbol or icon without any text is courageous, but is ideal for global companies by removing the factor of language differences, and for companies that are well-established in their markets.
  4. “COMBINATION MARK” – incorporating text and a symbol into the logo design offers the best of both worlds, a fact recognized by over half of all logos. More complex in terms of design, the combination mark offers great versatility, with the ability to use the two elements independently.
  5. “EMBLEM” – a design style in which the text is incorporated within a symbol, with both elements interdependent. Typically Emblems are compact in appearance and ideal where space is restricted, but care is required to ensure text legibility.

We do not necessarily favor any particular one and will always recommend a design style that best suits your company identity or brand. We have, over many years, designed hundreds of logos for a wide range of businesses and have great expertise and experience in all styles. If you are looking to develop a new logo, rejuvenate an existing logo, or simply want to learn more about Asia Media’s design capabilities, we would be happy to hear from you at

If you are ready to create exceptional online and offline experiences for your audience.