Organizations can, and do, spend significant sums on creating company and brand names, and designing memorable, impactful logos; rightly so, because these elements become key symbols of the organization’s face to the customer. It, therefore, seems only prudent that these important elements are protected from competitive imitation and, in the worse scenario, brand piracy.

DATE 8 December 2014

At Asia Media Studio we always ensure that our designs are original and are protectable. We thoroughly research our clients’ markets to both understand industry norms and to be aware of competitive marks and our clients can be assured that the logo designs we create for them are distinctive, not prohibited by law and available – the key requirements for trade mark protection.

While imitation may indeed be “the sincerest form of flattery” it is something we strongly advise clients to protect against, since copycat names and designs can only dilute the efforts put into marketing efforts. We highly recommend consulting with a Trademark Attorney as applications can be rather complicated, particularly if protection is sought in a number of countries.

Over the past few years we have developed a sound business relationship with Ananda Intellectual Property, a dynamic, focused and strategic intellectual property law firm with offices in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Its partners are Thai, American and European and bring strong local, regional and international expertise to the profession. We have worked with Ananda on a number of projects and believe they provide high quality, timely advice.

If you are unprotected or wondering how to maximize value of your intellectual property, feel free to contact us for advice – through Ananda, we are sure we can help you.