Meeting the On-line Marketing Challenge

Asia Media has always responded dynamically to the demands for graphic design, expanding and adapting our design team to meet changing requirements; packaging design and website design projects, for example, now represent a much more significant portion of our business portfolio. Much of the change has been handled in-house, but certain specialized requirements have been met through developing partnerships and associations with reputable and highly competent outside operators - photography and copywriting are two examples.

DATE 8 June 2015

The growth in demand for on-line marketing has placed additional demands on our business and we have risen to this particular challenge through a reciprocal arrangement with Inflexia, a leading French-based, International marketing communications agency. Inflexia has over 15 years experience and specializes in Strategic Digital Marketing, Data Analysis and Performance, and Customized Training; it is well known for developing communication activities that are highly performance driven. Its clientele is broad based, embracing the Business to Business, Healthcare, Tourism and E-commerce industries and include SME operations as well as larger, international companies.

We now represent Inflexia exclusively in Thailand and South East Asia and our reciprocal agreement means that AMS now has greater exposure in the European market, enabling us to expand our International profile. We believe that this partnership can only benefit our clients, enabling us to offer, through one contact point, all your graphic design and on-line marketing needs.

The services we now offer, therefore, include Newsletter Mailing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization with quality designs, tightly targeted impact, and measurable results. For more information about Inflexia please visit the company’s website at If you wish to discuss our total package of services, contact us at